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Date: Mon, 24 Oct 2005 06:29:51 -0000
From: "wic90000" <>
Subject: OT: New Group: Christmas Wishes

Hello Fellow Freecyclers,

WE have started a new group for Pa State.

It is called Christmas Wishes,

Not every one will have enough to get by this holiday season,and we thought we
would try and lend a hand by opening this group up to all Pa residents..That is
the main rule..You must live in PA..

Christmas Wishes is about Sharing and caring.. If you are single or have a family or know some one elderly that would not receive anything for Christmas ..Please post ( Dont forget about the pets).. You can be an Adoptee..Which means you post your family, ages, etc, and the wishes you all have..

If you would like to be an Angel..
These are the folks whom adopt the person/family in can do that to... The group address is:
PLease share with any friends and family you have in the Pa Area..also any boards as well..
I wish you all the best and a Happy Holiday Season! Thank you For Sharing
Happy Holidays.
Wanda and Kristy
Chief Elves..8)
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