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'Allo, boys and ghouls.

Have you ever seen someone, or known someone you just wanted to take home with you and keep them in your room forever and ever? Like a pet? Of course you have! Who hasn't.

Or maybe you'd rather be the pet yourself? Have someone take you home with them and take care of you and pamper you like you've always deserved?

Yes. Well. Don't be stupid. Can't very well do that on here, now can we? Hrm. So sad. So how about the next best thing instead?! That's right, cats and kittens! You've seen the other versions on LiveJournal... now prepare yourselves for twice the excitement! Because this is the most astounding, the most stupifying, the most mind-blowing version of them all!

Or something. I said "blowing"... heh...

Aherm. So here's how it works: Know someone who you'd like to claim as your "pet"? Know someone you'd like to claim as your "master"? Then join the community and tell me, or one of my loyal sidekicks, and we'll list your claim right away. Or whenever we get the chance. Whichever comes first. Probably the former....

LJ users work best, but I suppose if you'd like to claim a fictional character, or a celebrity, that girl you sometimes see at the McDonald's down the street, your neighbour, or whatever, that would be fine too. Who am I to argue? Ya buncha sick weirdos....

Only one pet/master per person though. Unless you join up early. The early bird gets more than one worm, as it were.

By the way, this lovely idea has been brought to you thanks to quidamkitten. All grovel before, and praise her for making a brief post in her journal which, in turn, gave me the idea for what you see in front of you. Plus she came up with the name too. *mumbles*

Fine! So I wasn't feeling creative at the time, okay?!?! I did all the other stuff though! Basically!

So what are you waiting for? I've even given you incentive! Now join, damn you! Bring a little amusement into my sad, sad, pethetic little life! *cries *

Until someone joins.. I suppose this is kind of amusing.... heh.

The list so far:

killsanta owns quidamkitten

And quidamkitten owns killsanta

morbid_princess owns grand_hi_bitch

Gackt belongs to heycookie

heycookie belongs to forged

katei owns zurx

myangelgabriel andkileypite both belong to marharet

animepunk belongs to heartofcold

kileypite owns the rancid hyena cowcrackedbones

Both iddykun and frost19 belong to dmcrowe

And yet, in turn, frost19 owns both dmcrowe and iddykun

Don't ask me how that one's gonna work. Heh.

pink_pills belongs to orestes_triad

And pink_pills owns the fluffy pet grizzly bear orestes_triad

Eheh. There's a lot of this going around, apparently.