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I've decided to basically fight

I've decided to basically fight a crusade for people's privacy rights here on livejournal.
The user scarlette the other day got into my credit report and posted personal info. not available in the public domain.
This probably had something with the guy assumably saying he's a PI.
This is extemely creepy and I believe to a point, possibly illegal.
I believe this is a huge breach of people's privacy rights, encourages identity theft and allows for continual harassment here on LJ.

Other users including OOgoddess and paigegirl, keep backing up the guy, because he part of their circle of friends or clique and now are using their lj's and communities to mounting a massive defamitory campaign.
One full of extreme lies and deceit.

Even going as far as to try and get me booted from communities not even involved.

Boo F@#king hoo, go ahead, life goes on and the dollar ammount keeps going up the more you do.

I'm also building a website and lj community for when this goes to the press so they will have all amterial for them to easily access and reference to.

I will wait and see what lj abuse does before moving forward.
I went and talked to a lawyer using a free consultation and he informed me, that suit wise this could be huge.
One of those deals that makes the news and is worth millions as it has now happened to over 20 users and could reach class action status.

I hate to sue Six Apart and the livejournal domain but these activities cannot keep happening and they turn a blind eye.
I've aso been advised that a little negative press and bad attention should make both parties become more aggressive in stopping these crimes aganst it's members.

This will be a safe and sain place for people to come minus the harassment and illegal activities and I will do everything within my power to bring about much needed change.
Sometimes people or comapnies just need a little pressure in the right direction to get the ball rolling.

Suit goes live monday for discovery, faxes (press releases) go out like mad Sunday night so they will hit the eearly week press cycle.
We have sent out feelers to several major news webs and a few like Wired and the Washington Post have showed interest.
I imagine many more will when this goes live.

Let's see what the court of public opinion and the civil courts will think of these serious breaches of trust.
I will prevail!

Cross post here in abuse_lj and my own journal...
I encourage comments and feedback on both as to what people think from both sides of this issue..thanks..
Soon also the new community and website..
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