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please help me

This is Chloe. She is a pitbull/rat terrier mix. She is a very playful dog. She loves to go on walks and give lots of kisses, and needs a good home a.s.a.p.

I can no longer keep her for several reasons. We were told that we can have pets at the apartment that we are living at, but a few days ago we got a call from the landlord saying that pets were no longer aloud. With jobs she is hard to take care of and we just do not have the time to provide her with the attention that she needs.

A little about Chloe...
- 3 months old
- will grow to be 30-45lbs
- has had 1st puppy shots
- is spayed
- housebroken

We are asking for $300 (o.b.o.) for her, and she comes with the following items:
- 40" Cage (a Brand New one has a $140 value)
- 2 Collars and Leash
- Food/Water Bowl
- 1/2 Bag of Puppy Chow (her absolute favorite)
- Favorite Chew toys (she is teething)
- Puppy Shampoo
- Flea Shampoo
- Flea Treatment
- Scooby Snacks (she loves these too)
- Her Favorite Towel

Please consider adding Chloe to your home. She is a great companion and will be for years to come.

Contact Information...
If you live in the Los Angeles area, please contact my boyfriend one of the following ways...

AIM: Bluet00f (thats bluetZERO ZEROf)
E-MAIL: botaylor@spymac.com

Thank you...
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